Sunday, 7th

Excerpt from Thursday August 4th and 6th

The Quest we are embarked in

From the moment of our birth

Is to give meaning to our existence,

To find unlimited abundance within,

And to manifest in the material world

Art that opens the mind

To the unlimited potential

Of our imagination

Saturday, 6th

The bliss I feel,

The joy you bring in my life,

The ease with which,

This beautiful energy flows between us.

I love you,

And you know.

But it's easier for now

If I don't say it.

You said I seem calm.

You sensed accurately that it wasn't always so.

Maybe, I hope, you'll know one day, that it's you who has brought this peace within me.

You, the answer to a prayer: the manifestation of a partner.

For eternity or a passage, I'll never forget you.

Your appearance in my life, with graffitis for background, dusty gravel beneath our feet, I'll always remember.

I'll remember the first smile I saw you make, I knew right then that it shone with a light I had never seen before.

Life is but the stories we weave in our minds.

I wonder what will be the one we'll tell of us.

Will it have been a summer passion?

or something else?

Time will tell


Wednesday, 27th

Excerpt from daily writing

We are all bearers

Of a sacred flame.

We are all endowed

With Imgination

And most importantly

The capacity for Belief;


Going deeper

What are the stories I believe in?

In what do I put my faith?

On Life

Life ebbs and flows

Tide rises and settles

Life is a drop in oceans

Of worlds

The wave comes and passes

The wind blows

And then we pass

On Matter

Energy pulsates and reverberates

Until it becomes channeled

In the right harmony

Matter, particles, parts, facets

Aggregate and disperse

In response to its surrounding

And the intention it's manifested in

Manifested according to our beliefs

According to why we believe we are here for

Where do we draw magic from?