Hire me as a companion

Hire me as a companion

I live by this process. Since I'm 5 I've been searching, and now I've returned home, ready to join you on your process. I'll be supporting you for the duration of your process.

The cost is 11,358.13$ USD payable in cash, PayPal, crypto, or NFT. Payable in installments.

I will work with no more than 4 clients per quarter, giving me a free schedule to be present for you.

Organizations can also benefit greatly from having an overarching narrative, giving anchoring points for a community to build around it. For organizations, I offer to write the mythological narrative for it, in collaboration with the founders. Because of my increased participation and the added complexity of the narrative, the price is of 113, 581.31$ USD payable in crypto or NFTs. I will only have 1 such client at a time to give it all the attention it deserves.

Connect with me on Telegram, WhatsApp, or Signals at +50689669195

Or Twitter @charlescosto

Or by email charlescosto@gmail.com

All my contacts are displayed as icons in my linktree

We will set a time to plan this journey together.