Mythological odyssey to our higher self
Mythological odyssey to our higher self

Mythological odyssey to our higher self


To live in accord with our personal mythology and culture.

As a child, I craved stories that would help me understand what this human experience is about. I looked for something that would explain to me what I was feeling and would guide me towards my path. I searched through religions, philosophies, stories, movies, and games for things that resonated with me. I understand now that I was looking at the wrong place, those answers are within.

Imagining our inner mythology

We allow our imagination to speak from her voice, not stifling it with judgement or criticism.

Diving into our imagination is like holding space for the voice of our intuition to speak. She uses the language of symbols and archetypes to reflect what is meaningful to us.

This requires us to be present and aware, to be patient and humble. Over multiple sessions, the visualizations become more precise and more coherent. The patterns of our mythological story emerge, and we can identify what we are in them.

Why is it relevant to start there?

Is your life fulfilling?

Or are you going through the motions?

Until I took the time to listen without trying to control what I imagined, I adopted the symbols and archetypes that any other cultural system proposed to me. Yet, I never felt represented in my individuality.

As I started listening to my intuition, I began trusting that what I imagined was (and still is) a natural part of me. The fact that it's abstract doesn't take anything away from it.

We start with our imagination to uncover what is meaningful to us.

Creating our Higher Self narrative

When we understand the archetypes and symbols, a version of us will resonate with them. That part of us embodies our highest energy, free of distortions. You might already know who this part of you is because it is there within you.

But stepping into this higher energy is a challenging process. It means that we are a version without masks, in touch with its shadow and fully embodying its light. It is in the arena of life, living its purpose, incarnating its beliefs and speaking its truth.

Our self-preservation instincts don't want us to expose ourselves because it means we will be judged, criticized, and challenged.

Bring it.

The privilege of a lifetime is being who you are. Joseph Campbell

I write and rewrite this narrative. I imagine what happens in its most mundane and meaningful details. I see myself doing my morning routine in my dream house, then working on my passion projects with my partners.

I invite you to realize that you are the stories you tell yourself. If you incorporate all the bullshit that other people want to add to your narrative, then who are you? Are you yourself in all your power or the version that was tamed by the tamed?

Setting on Manifestation Quests

What I seek to make manifest will be different in its specificities, but there are four areas that we will look into: Material, Intellectual, Emotional, and Spiritual. I love how tarot uses the Pentacle, Sword, Wand, and Cup to illustrate them. The clarity that comes from this process is enlightening. But what's even better is when we realize that we're not missing anything, we are whole as we are. We need to show up and own our power.

When I tune into my intuition and allow myself to imagine what supports the realization of my higher self's dreams, I see a story. That is my process. Yours might be different. We each have ways to express our imagination creatively. I think that even if your thing is playing music, painting, or minting NFTs, writing helps anchor themes and thoughts.

There are things that I am striving to accomplish that will support the realization of my dreams. Clarifying them is the first step towards their manifestation.

When I began sensing my higher self within, I saw a gap between me and it. Resistance had been at work for decades, and it had done a hell of a job discouraging me from owning my power.

Performing Daily actions and meditations

Here is my favourite part. When the things I love now become imbued with purpose from their alignment with my higher self. I now know with certainty that every action is a step forward as my higher self.

There is no more gap.

I am my higher self.

And so can you.

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Embark on an Odyssey through your imagination and find your higher self within.