A rude Awakening

A rude Awakening

As I scroll through my Twitter feed, I see a stream of shills interspersed with an opinion blurb. Re-Tweeting a giveaway, broadcasting a recent play, luring others into an endless unicorn chase. I've been swept up in this myself. I got caught up in the moment, in my excitement, in my hope of striking it and finding gold.

I got bags of fool's gold instead.

I don't blame anyone or myself. I'm new to this. DeFi, Smart Contracts, Tokenomics, Chart analysis, discord grinding, whitelisting prostitution, etc. I wasn't ready. I completely underestimated this world. So I take a step back. I return to myself and recollect. In a sense, we got into DeFi and crypto for the dream that it would make us better / richer people. (this is a loose assumption) But cryptography is just a technology.

Our use of it will free us from the Leviathan swallowing obsolete systems.

What I've promised myself moving forward is that I will engage teams in projects that I believe may have utility. I will do so in private, and if they agree, in public. I seek to share my conversations with you to look at a collective problem (a viable offer or not). I will share what I read from whitepapers and ask questions open to all to form the best opinion. Invest or Not.

Because we can compete against each other in a race of pumps and dumps, or collaborate and sustain systems that support US, the investors.