Cuento I p.2

Starting at the end. The end of the year. The end of a cycle. Nothing truly ends. It just takes a different form. An event becomes a story that becomes a memory and it may be forgotten. But it emerges to the surface to serve us once more at the most unsuspecting moment.

Even if sometimes we confuse the Story with our life. But that's what we've been doing since our brains have supported our capability for speech, memory, and imagination.

We've been tellin' each other the craziest fucking stories you could ever dream of. And whatever you dream, conjure to your mind's eye, imagine in your head, is very real. And if you think you're the only person who will ever think of something specific, how can you be so sure?

Imagination and Creativity are our Divine capabilities. A child, sightless, mute, deaf, and numb to the world around it, will still imagine. It will pierce through the veils of the physical sensations and elevate itself beyond its limitations in ways we can only imagine.

For your brain to support this intangible idea, thousands of parts within you align and act to shape your vision. Processes beyond our conscious/unconscious duality are at work, shaped by millions of years of evolution and genetic encryption. What are these processes? The question misses the point. I'd invite you to realize this on your own. Think. Let your mind wander. Let your imagination wonder what could. What your imagination imagines is: your present influencing your past and connecting with energies beyond our plane.

Our Imagination and Creativity are more powerful than any systems we've devised. Weapons systems, belief systems, and financial systems are all products of imagination and creativity.

I&C the eye can see. Even the sightless can.

We are blessed with challenges so we may channel our I&C and rise above our Selves and Transcend our Past.

I, for one, am grateful. I hear the voices who speak poisoned words, slithered over forked tongues that will seek to deny or devalue my experience of this world with judgement, criticism, shame, ignorance, fear, those heralds of Control, and some will strike at me. But I see you, bully. I feel you. And I can only send you compassion. You live your life pointing with your finger. I live my life embracing what is.

I see you as no different than me. Our shapes and forms, material representations, might differ but those are meaningless. They just are. They are just results and functions. They do not define, nor constrain, nor facilitate. What makes a difference is what inhabits this envelope of matter. How does this person I&C? Does it create relationships in which all involved flourish and bear fruits? Does it imagine stories that have the potential to change the world and make it more pleasant for All that live?

What else is there that matters?