Our higher self is within,

and it wants to be seen.

I invite you to imagine a world where we embody our higher self, live according to our inner mythologies, and tune into intuition and imagination. We live with love, courage, compassion, and patience. We realize that this life is meant to be experienced for what it naturally offers to us: Imagining, Creating, and Loving. Is there anything else you'd instead do and feel than that?

We live free of judgement, criticism, shame, greed, scarcity, control, authority, and ignorance; mindsets and patterns have held us back. They are the negative results of our iterative process of evolution. Old wiring from our primal, reptilian, and aquarian ancestors lived violent survival lives when there was no alternative to kill or be killed.

Those days are behind us, and the potential for a beautiful future exists ahead of us. I am optimistic because I believe in our natural and inherent capacity for imagination.

Why Imagination?

In my belief of this life experience, this universe is a mental construct with a physical manifestation. Meaning, what we sense is first a product of our imagination before it is felt. All that we can sense is the product of a more extraordinary being's imagination. We are contained within it.

You can see this experience in your way and ascribe to beliefs that support you, but we can agree on the following:

"Through the voice of imagination, we can create the narrative that supports us."

We are the stories we tell ourselves, and it's either you or someone else that will write your narrative.

The story of our higher self within us is the character that loves and creates its own life, living through a boundless imagination. The higher self lives in a world of potential and manifests what brings it close to its higher purpose.

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Mythological odyssey to our higher self
Mythological odyssey to our higher self