Companion on your path
Companion on your path

Companion on your path

Tapping into your boundless potential.

In this approach, I follow your lead and support you as you need. I will hold space, invite reflections, propose other perspectives, and guide your process as required. Whether you are working through some personal or professional situations, I will be present and will bring my skills and aptitudes to your disposal.

The best way to engage in this collaboration is to get on a first call and establish a connection between us. Then, you choose a container based on the following models:

1 month - 16 hours - 3,600$USD

—> ideal to blitz through a tough time. Can be split into 4 hours per week or as required.

3 months - 36 hours - 6750$USD

—> better suited to approach a complex problem, plan, and begin the execution.

6 months - 36 hours - 6225$USD

—> ideal for weekly calls, support of an ongoing process, and exploring potentials.

1 year - 60 hours - 9000$USD

—> if you're on your path and simply want someone to be present for you as a companion, this is the ideal format.

Paid in cryptocurrency at the beginning of the period to signify your commitment.

We set some time for conversations and connect via discord, signals, or telegram, and we will use a Notion document to keep track of our exchanges.

If you want to learn more, you can contact me in the following ways:

Discord Castracani#1717

Telegram @charlescosto