I went for a walk

I went for a walk

I ate some mushrooms and went for a walk in the jungle at the foot of a volcano with my friend and my dog. The last four weeks have been intense in transitions, changes, and evolution.

Being present with the painful emotions I have felt at times has allowed me to see them for what they were.

After a morning call, I needed to detach from the world of web 3.0, DeFi, and my messaging apps. My being needed a half-day break to be present in nature and with all of my self. I needed to fill my cup, reconnect with my purpose, realize that the meaningful things are free and plenty, and let the force of this beautiful work imbue me.

I am at a stage where I must be careful with the decisions I make because mistakes in DeFi are easy to make. My short experience so far through Jade has taught me so.

I realize that to build an investment thesis I must first understand,


Why do I want to spend my energy in DeFi? Because through it, I can become financially free.


Free to spend my precious time in this life in ways that I feel purposeful.

What’s purposeful to me?

Accompany people to become their higher selves, spend time interacting with Nature (hiking, surfing, being with my dog, watching nature), spend time in my imagination, spend time creating what I imagine, spend time with people I love.

So what do I need to be financially free?

1- Learn and integrate accurate and actionable information.

—·> acquire wisdom through experience

2- Observe and follow new developments in DeFi and Web 3.0

  • Focus on Avalanche chain for now

3- Orient myself according to my purpose and create potential plays

  • Projects I sense a Yes, that are playful and have a clean and simple UI, without security red flags, where I can retain my Freedom of Action and Freedom of Movement, where I can collect profits, that doesn’t try to hook me in with ridiculous promises. (remember Smrtr/Jade? not that!)

4- Once I have a list of plays, I can build my initial position over a week, more if I need. There is no rush. There is abundance.

Track all my moves on a spreadsheet with dates, costs, reasons, questions, answers, links to purpose, metrics to track.

Then I go, petit à petit.

I took a walk because I needed some fresh air from the bullshit I’ve been smelling.

I return to you with a heart full of love, an empty mind, and in a state of presence.