Post-Summit blues

Post-Summit blues

Hosted in the historical Poble Espanyol in Barcelona, the Avalanche team and their sponsors have hosted the attendees with coffee, food, drinks, and music for the five days it has lasted. Parties kept us up at night, but the fatigue, the hangover, and the cold did nothing to dampen the spirits of all the AVAX fans present.

It has been an excellent networking opportunity, and I was surprised by the accessibility of many project leads. Even Emin would happily pose for a selfie with a fan, or Connor, who danced like there was no tomorrow at the Frens party hosted by AvaxHusky and TraderJoe. I sang my voice out at the Swissborg party with new friends from Defy Trends, Chili bang, and others with whom our shared belief in Avalanche was enough to make instant friends.

Apparently the boat party was pretty rocky but the Lost Worlds geolocation based NFT minting was a success and Quaison dropped some wisdom in a convo: “Money is an energy that flows through us”. I’m paying close attention to such a person.

Keynotes and presentations from regulations to new developments in web3 conveyed valuable information to the participants, and booths from dozens of projects allowed users to connect with the teams behind their favourite projects.

I’m particularly excited for the announcement that AVAX and OP3N has a 100M$ Culture Catalyst Initiative: a commitment to finance NFT projects in Culture and Entertainment for Musicians, Filmmakers, Digital Artists, and Creators across the world.

I’m still integrating this experience; it has confirmed the value in what I offer, given me loads of inspiration for projects, but most of all, I am grateful for the connections I have made. Thanks to you, I will keep fond memories of this week.