Team Consultancy
Team Consultancy

Team Consultancy

I make teams stronger.

Drawing from my experience in the military and my unique approach to communication, I bring an outside perspective that is valuable both to new and already existing teams. Being hired as a third party gives me enough distance from a company’s hierarchy that I can build a relationship with the members based on trust and confidence. By developing a relationship with each team member and learning the different stories believed and told about the project, I can make practical recommendations to improve internal and external communications.

The pricing for my work with a project will depend on the size of the team, how long it has existed, and the length of my involvement.

Paid in cryptocurrency at the beginning of the period to signify your commitment.

We set some time for conversations and connect via discord, signals, or telegram, and we will use a Notion document to keep track of our exchanges.

If you want to learn more, you can contact me in the following ways:

Discord Castracani#1717

Telegram @charlescosto